Lancashire Aikikai - Incident Reporting both Insurance & Safeguarding


There are three types of Incident reporting - all of which should be progressed without delay :-

  • one regarding incidents that the Insurers require notifcation of.
  • the second of safeguarding concerns in aikido
  • the third of safeguarding concerns outside aikido

Please always go to the source documents on the BAB website for the current advice and wording


Insurance notification of Incident

The BAB website provides Insurance guidelines in the form of a manual.

It is important that you notify the BAB promptly of all incidents that may give rise to a claim. The BAB in turn pass this promptly to the Insurers. This enables the Insurers to carry out the necessary investigations as early as possible and ensure that you comply fully with the policy terms and conditions.

The types of incident that you should report to us immediately would involve (Taken from Appendix G):

  • A fatal accident.
  • An injury involving either referral to or actual hospital treatme nt. Any allegations of libel/slander.
  • Any allegations of professional negligence, i.e. arising out of tuition, coaching or advice given.
  • Any investigation under any child protection legislation.
  • Any circumstance involving damage to third party property.

An injury is defined as :-

  • Any head injury that requires medical treatment.
  • Any fracture, other than to fingers, thumbs or toes.
  • Any amputation, dislocation of the shoulder, hip, knee or spine.
  • Loss of sight (temporary or permanent).
  • Any injury resulting from electrical shock or burn, leading to unconsciousness or requiring resuscitation or admittance to hospital for more than 24 hours.
  • Loss of consciousness caused by asphyxia or by exposure to a harmful substance or biological agent.


The list is not exhaustive, and if you are unsure as to whether an incident should be reported contact the Insurers.


Be prompt and complete in draft whilst clear in your mind. Please ensure our Head of Association is briefed and that our Insurance Officer is involved.




Safeguarding Concerns in Aikido - Action to be taken.

Click here to access Appendix 2 of the BAB Child Protection Policy


Safeguarding Concerns outside Aikido - Action to be taken.

Click here to access Appendix 3 of the BAB Child Protection Policy


Don't keep it to yourself (Young People)

Click here if you want to share a problem

Reporting Concerns

Unless to do so would place a child at risk of harm your first point of contact should be your Club Welfare Officer or Association CPO.


Recording a Concern

Use Appendix 1 of the BAB Safeguarding Policy
It is also available here


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