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Our Technical Director for Aikido is Atsushi Mimuro who is the Director at The Yokohama International Aikido Club

We now follow the grading syllabus used by Hombu (Aikido HQ also known as Aikido Foundation) from 5th Kyu.

Our members hold grades awarded by the Lancashire Aikikai and Hombu.

Guidance to filling your forms in. To assist as well examples of completed forms are provided below. Click on blue highlighted links

Application Forms needed from 5th Kyu can be downloaded here:

Application Forms needed for those who already are Hombu recognised can be downloaded here:

  • Grading Form (Form 1) (Hombu grading other than first time) Example
  • Yudansha Book (Form 3) {Dan grades only and once only} Example

The forms should be downloaded and completed by typing the information in. (pdf allows for this). This is so that the entered information is clear and legible for the process.

Forms need to be signed, and returned either electronically or by post to our Hombu Membership Representative from the Club Leader or known Official. Electronic would be preferred as they will be sent electronically to Japan

Our "Technical Section" covers Gradings in depth and also has the Process step by step not just the admin.

Documents to be returned with the Forms

  • Yudansha Books (Dan Grades)
  • Membership Cards (Old card versions)
  • If Membership Cards are the new plastic type, I just need the Membership No, date, present grade and date of previous grade (Although this should be on the returned form)



Mimuro Sensei


Mimuro Sensei


Mimuro Sensei