Meetings in the Aikikai


The constitution deals with the structure of meetings - namely AGM's, Executive and extra-ordinary general meetings.

It also comments that the Association is organised in a traditional hierarchal structure common to other martial arts & the Principal is the Head of the Association who is appointed by succession. Technical matters concerning Aikido and it’s teaching are the responsibility of Aikikai Dan Grades within this same structure.

The Principal calls various Dan Grade meetings when matters arise. In the recent past high Dan grade or all Dan Grade meetings or club Leaders meetings have been arranged.

The other meetings envisaged in the constitution are there to support and administer the Aikikai in its aims and objectives but does not stray into technical matters.

Coordination Groups have been set up tasked to cover certain areas to support the Lancashire Aikikai these are described under "Who we are"


Executive meetings are recorded and accessed here:

Aikido Hip throw


The minutes of the AGMs are to be found in the Resource section of the site.

Any matters of policy are and will be built into the page under this tab "How we work".

Aikido immobisation technique