Technical - 20 Jo Suburi



  Jo Suburi Description if necessary
Starting basic posture left - hidari hanmi, with the jo resting vertically on the mat immediately in front of your left foot
1. Choku Tsuki
Basic thrust forward
2. Kaeshi Tsuki Circular thrust forward (As 1st movement of 31 stick kata)
3. Ushiro Tsuki Rear thrust
Start hidari tsuki no kamae, with jo horizontal in left posture.
4. Tsuki Gedan Gaeshi Thrust forward. Draw Jo back and then sweep forward at ankle height
5. Tsuki Jodan Gaeshi Thrust forward and then strike to head - one movement. (As 4th and 5th movement of 31 stick kata)
Start in right posture - bokken like
(as if you have just made a shomen cut.)
6. Shomen Uchikomi Step back with right foot & lift jo then cut stepping forward. (As second Bokken suburi)
7. Renzoku Uchikomi Builds on the previous movement - No 6 Jo Suburi. After the first cut - stepping bring jo round and strike a second shomenon the left.
8. Men Uchi Gedan Gaeshi As for No 6 strike shomen stepping forward on right, draw jo to rear and strike low stepping with a sweeping turn into left posture. [15th to 17th movements of 31 stick kata]
9. Men Uchi Ushiro Tsuki As for No 6 strike shomen then tsuki to rear (refer to third jo suburi movement above)
10. Gyaku Yokomen - Ushiro tsuki Make yokomen cut finishing on left side then tsuki to rear whilst in this posture
11. Katate Gedan Gaeshi Start Hidari tsuki no kamae (left posture). Slide back and fully draw jo through hands maintaining left posture. Engage hip sweeping jo to strike side of imaginary opponent's head standing in front of you - with a long step. Finish in right posture with jo in protection above.
12. Katate Toma Uchi Start Hidari tsuki no kamae as No 11 - lift jo behind head sweep stepping forward cutting with right hand only holding. Sweeps round 360 degrees in an arc top to bottom - This is a long strike. Finish with jo being caught by left hand.
13. Katate Hachi No Gaeshi Commence in left posture. Hold the jo vertically in your right hand on your right side. Jo behind right leg - step forward and make figure of eight at head height - finsh in hasso in left posture. In the figure of eight there are effectively 2 strikes to an imaginary opponent's head standing in front of you.

Starting posture right like bokken (Ken no kamae)..All movements into Hasso and then....
14. Hasso Gaeshi Uchi ...... Strike with shomen uchi in right posture
15. Hasso Gaeshi Tsuki ...... Bring the jo down to perform Tsuki then rotate back into hasso gaeshi again.
16. Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Tsuki ...... Tsuki to the rear (Migi ushiro tsuki)
17. Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Uchi ...... Turn your hips further to your right and strike around to your side with a round sweeping strike. Keep your feet in the same position as they were in hasso no kamae.
18. Hasso Gaeshi Ushiro Hari ..... Turn your whole body to the rear, moving your right foot back and round whilst the jo makes a sweeping strike to an imaginary opponent who is standing behind you.
19. Hidari Nagare Gaeshi Uchi Start as No 6 Jo suburi including shomen strike in right posture. Turn to left with jo above being in left posture make shomen by passing left side; cutting to this new rear direction ending in right posture.
20. Migi Nagari Gaeshi Tsuki From right posture step forward cutting shomen in left posture. Left hand at stick bottom moves to middle; stick passes right side as you make a tenkan turn with stick protecting above in left posture followed by Tsuki.