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The Lancashire Aikikai's Principal said in 2015 “We will follow Mimuro’s style as closely as possible, he is our Technical Director. Remember we have always aimed to teach Hombu style Aikido as taught to us by Chiba. This is the reason that we have been welcomed by Hombu now”.

Our senior grading syllabus for 16+ is based on the Hombu syllabus.


Lancashire Aikikai Grade

6th Kyu is retained as the first grade before the Hombu grades.

Juniors follow their own syllabus this is available to view and to download. (Use the menu navigation at top of the page)




Translation sheet you will find useful - select from the menu.

Under development are photos in "Basic Actions" to put the words against a visual image. If you can help by sending photos of where thare are gaps please do so to:-


The weapon systems from both the Saito and Chiba Sensei schools with a list of names of the basic stick work can be viewed as well - see links above.

See 31 Jo Kata - click here

Grading - Full details - aimed at Clubs Leaders

See Grading - on seperate page.

But a useful read for those taking a grading.


Lancashire Aikikai Member's who hold Aikido grades from other Associations. Read here (Approved by AMG June 2020)


Student Information

See the Student - Grading page where there is detail for members from their view point

There is a Examiners Marking form (Feedback form) used in gradings - which covers what is being looked for.

Grading Certificates are issued locally by Clubs for junior grades & 6th Kyu Senior. Lancashire Aikikai Grading Fees are payable to the Aikikai, for these grades.

Grading Certificates for 5th Kyu and above will be issued directly by Hombu (Aikido HQ). Fees are set in Japan and are sent there.

In the syllabus there are times associated with each grade which are expressed as minimum times. Students can take longer and do.

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