Lancashire Aikikai - Who we are - Executive

The Executive is defined in the Constitution and is covered under "How we Work" and the web page "Our Structure".


Lancashire Aikikai Executive Management Board

Comprises all Aikikai Dan Grade Club Leaders. Club Leaders being those who have run an active Association Club for at least the previous six months.

Each Executive member shall have a responsibility to the Association to act in its best interests and represent their own Club members.




See our Club pages for details of Club Leaders

Lancashire Aikikai Executive

For day-to-day business of the Executive Management Board (EMB) a smaller Management team of three Executive members will be selected by a process agreed by the Executive Management Board. They will have a limited term of office, with re-election annually.

This Management team will be the first point of contact for the Aikikai (through its Chair), will manage routine business, facilitate the decisions of EMB.



   Graham Harrison (Chair)

   Christine Shepherd

   Mark Lunt