Fees in Marple

A special four sessions beginners offer is only £10 (£7 for concessions).

Membership of the British Aikido Board is included in the beginners fee one of the benefits of which insurance.

After this: The Club Practice Fee is £5 per session. Those who are eligible to attend 2 sessions per week can opt to pay a discounted fee of £30 per month by standing order.  

Students and unemployed pay half of these fees.

Come prepared click here for an application form. It would help us if you complete it before you come.

If you are under 18 your parent/carer needs to complete and there is an additional form to complete as well

Controlling the attacker


Lancashire Aikikai membership

Membership for 2022 will be £12 plus BAB Registration fee of £7. Totals £19

Unemployed, those in full time education and those under 18 years are granted a concession half the normal fee. which is £6. There is no reduction to the BAB fee. So totals £13

The membership fee is apportioned to the months left in the calandar year i.e. £1 (or 50p) per month.

Temporary / Trial membership is given in the club's beginner's offer after this is completed membership and BAB fees become due in order to practise further.

After joining you will be given a Lancashire Aikikai membership book and a handbook that is a valuable resource for names of attacks and techniques and also grading requirements.



Controlling the attacker


Using a Jo


Using a Jo