Membership and Insurance


Overview :- This is provided by the British Aikido Board, our governing body, to its member associations. The BAB's Insurance Guidelines and guidance on their website should be regarded as definitive on all matters. Details of the policies and certificates are found there as well.

We issue annually the BAB blue slip to show your registration with the BAB but is only valid with current Aikikai membership.

Aikikai membership is renewed annually at the beginning of the calendar year. The blue slip is renewed on your anniversary of you starting with us.

All clubs are required to register you with the BAB before you set foot on the mat to practise unless it is a taster session. This is done through you completing the Aikikai Membership form and a payment coming in the form of a starter fee from you or from the club itself. (It varies club to club)

All clubs are required to register their dojo annually with the BAB and obtain a green slip that insures them against public liability claims.

Clubs make monthly returns on membership / insurance (INS2) and in turn our Insurance Officer makes a consolidated return to the BAB of insurances sold also monthly.

The Lancashire Aikikai has a Procedures Manual for Clubs and the Membership & Insurance Officer to follow.

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Procedures manual Version 1.93e Aug11

Update to document outstanding.

But see Page 1 re fees in 2022 and 2023

2021 because of Covid £10

2022 is to be £12 (£6) plus BAB registration

2023 is to be £24 (£12) plus BAB registration

APP1 Membership Form May18

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CP-1 Additional Information required from Parents/Guardians as part of Induction

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INS1 Insurance Form

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REN1 Annual Membership Renewal

Supplying updated information Feb11

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INS2 - Supplying membership information 2016

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Further topics covered (Click to show):-

Personal Accident and Third party Insurance from the BAB is provided via a personal blue registration certificate as with all insurance there is no cover beyond the expiry date on the certificate and students need to be in current membership of a BAB member association. The Aikikai's membership/insurance procedures are outlined on this page. The insurance covers Aikido only.

Disclosure / Health
Any one seeking insurance under the BAB’s registration scheme for accident cover has to declare any material fact that might affect cover. It is worth recording that taking part against medical advice is a principal exclusion. All clubs should have in place a pre-vetting system reviewing health. Also are excluded pre-existing injuries that are made worse through the incident.

Injuries do not include sickness, disease, any naturally occurring condition or degenerative process. More specific definitions appear in the policy document. Reasonable steps to avoid or minimise injuries must be made and specifically no benefit is paid if the person is undertaking Aikido against medical advice.

For registration certificate insurance students must declare material facts to the instructor so that the instructor is aware of any disability. ** This need not be forwarded to to the BAB or Insurer. However any instructor that is concerned or particular instance should raise the matter with the BAB via the Membership Registrar of the Association

** The instructor should ensure special needs as appropriate are considered in arranging practice.

A doctor’s note indicating the student may participate in Aikido should be obtained by the student and held by the instructor / Club / Association where there is doubt or concern.

Students and non BAB Associations
Students joining a non BAB Association or practicing in one will not be covered by the Membership insurance.

Non BAB Association students practising in our clubs even if they have their own cover - need BAB cover. This is explained further in “Aikido Times” April 2015 effectively to protect our own members

Extract from BAB Minutes Feb10 concerning non-BAB students practising. i.e. The 'Chairman's after note meeting' and position that the BAB takes

Summary of cover
from the  BAB Insurance section on the BAB Website provide the insurers certificates of insurance and details the cover under the various policies and has a detailed document called "Insurance Guidelines"

Members of a currently registered BAB Association whose member holds a current valid membership for that Association are covered. Note: personal accident insurance is not available for those over 65 years, but member to member liability cover is not age restricted.


These FAQ and answers are given in good faith but the BAB insurance documents on their site are the ones that are definitive and should be relied on where there are differences. In 2011 when the BAB moved to Endsleigh the following document was issued.

Who is covered?
All members of clubs and associations affiliated to BAB

Are temporary members covered?
Temporary members for the Lancashire Aikikai are those in their 4 week trial period. Cover will only continue if full membership is taken out and subscription is paid.

What about Aikidoka over 65
Personal accident benefit is not paid but member to member liability is still effective

Are guests or participants in demonstrations covered ?

Overseas Students
Anyone from overseas who is resident in the UK, either permanently or temporarily as student etc (i.e. has a UK address) is covered under BAB member-to-member insurance, as normal, as long as they are resident in the UK for most of their time.

Short term visitors non resident are not covered and is a risk

[Clarified 15/10/05] The Chairman invited Jayne Phelps to explain to the meeting why it was not possible to obtain insurance from our brokers for overseas Instructors or Students. Specifically, they do not have the resources to deal with the cross-country litigation that would arise from claims from a foreign national. The Insurance companies have advised that if an Instructor or Student from overseas was domiciled in the UK for over 6 months and had a UK address, then Associations could give them cover, but any Student attending a course for a day or week, should obtain Insurance from their home country before they travelled.

If a UK member is practicing with a non-UK visitor, the non-UK visitor is not covered by the BAB insurance. The UK member is covered for 3rd party and for personal injury. They are not, however, covered by the BAB for a claim against the non-UK visitor.

Further clarified Mar-06 There has been some confusion recently regarding insuring overseas visitors and the 6-month rule. ....We can insure students from overseas provided they intend to be resident in the UK for at least 6-months and have a UK residence. If you have any queries on this please contact our Insurance Officer through your Club Leader.

What about liability for injury to other members?
The policy includes member to member liability but does not include injury or damage to non-members other than our members on trial.

Is the use of wood weapons covered?
Only in accordance with the disciplines and practice of Aikido is covered. This is covered further in the published BAB Insurance Guidelines

Is the practice of Iaido covered? (the drawing of a sword)
It is covered on the proviso it is for practicing moves / methods with no partner / opponent participation and is blunt metal. This is covered further in the BAB Insurance Guidelines and their Coaching section with more detail - there is a protocol

Practice with Live Weapons
If practised under the BAB Weapons Protocol there will be cover

Accident / 3rd Party Claims & Incident reporting
The detail of Personal Accident terms and Accident / Injury Claim Forms and Incident Notification can be viewed on the BAB web site where there is also other material regarding Insurance including "BAB Insurance Scheme Explained".
The Forms should be completed promptly to alert the Insurers - there is short period under which this may be done to the BAB.

An "Incident Notification Form" has to be submitted to the BAB promptly if any notifable incident occurs. Details on on the form

Both are described in more detail on our 'Incident Reporting' pages. (The BAB website details take precident in case of any difference)


Membership Secretary and Insurance Officer :- see contact details This post as the Insurance Officer acts as the point of contact with the BAB and for clubs. Clubs should not need to contact the BAB directly.



Incident Reporting reporting or making a claim needs to be made promptly.

Extract from BAB Minutes Feb10 concerning non-BAB students practising. (Updated 2016 Page 8)

Taster Insurance - Item 2 - report to BAB Executive March 2017. (Please note the recording to qualify.)

Aikido Clubs in Schools - venue insurance (Page 1)

Insurance Act 2015 (Page 3)

Abuse cover - when Insurer will pay defence costs (Page 7)