What is Aikido - You Tube Clips


53rd All Japan Aikido - Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu


As a beginner you should be aware that the teachers and students appearing in the the clips have trained for a number of years.

Your first class will be less awe inspiring in the techniques we ask you to do. Basics are taught first and once foundations are established they can be built on.


1935 Asahi News Film

A classic film


Aikikai Foundation Kagamibiraki 2021

See on You Tube directly - Click here Aikido demo starts at 6:30 minutes in

Aikijinja Taisai 2012 - Demonstration Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu & Mitsuteru Ueshiba Wakasenseï


Aikido Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba Demonstration - Aikikai Kagamibiraki 2017


Christian Tissier Bercy 2008 (TV shots)

Tissier Bercy 2005 (TV programme)

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