Guidance for using Weapons

The BAB Guidance is in the form of a 'Weapons Protocol' forming part of their Risk Management documents, Guidance also given in the BAB Coaching & Club Handbook

It deals with storing weapons and bring weapons to and from training sessions. Guidance is included for coaches regarding making a risk assessment and training with 'live blades'

The BAB publish "The BAB Insurance Scheme explained" and "Risk Management Guidelines" provide guidance generally. See their Insurance section for the latest information

All weaponry used in Aikido practice should be used and carried with the greatest of care and discretion. In addition, practitioners should be aware of, and implement, the legal requirements, the guidelines endorsed by the BAB and our Insurance broker.

  • Weapons should only be carried when it is known that they are required at a particular training session. Coaches should therefore inform their students as to when weapons are actually required.
  • Weapons should only be carried directly to and from a practice.
  • Weapons should not be left in the car on a permanent basis.
  • Aikidoka should carry their Association’s Membership book.
  • The Aikidoka should ensure that their weapons are carried within a secure bag at all times and hence not directly visible, and should ensure that the bag is never left unattended at any time. · Travelling on public transport with weapons should be avoided if possible.
  • Aikidoka carrying weapons, who are stopped by the Police, should give every assistance to the officer(s), including an explanation given of why such weapons are being carried. No attempt should be made to conceal the fact that weapons are being carried.


Weapons Protocol
The guidelines above should be read in conjunction with the Weapons Protocol which sets out the FULL requirements for practice and compliance with the BAB insurance cover.

Also view the following that the BAB have published:

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A history of weapons in the Lancashire Aikikai appeared in our November 2020 newsletter - read here


Buying a sword

Regulations governing the ownership and sale of swords operate.

The Criminal Justice Act 1988 (Offensive Weapons)(Amendment) Order 2008

Retailers may well ask for some or all of the following in order that they are satisfied that they are not committing a offence:

  • Photo ID - a copy of a passport or driving license

  • Proof of Address - a copy of a bill or suchlike

  • Dojo or organisation membership book (including a current BAB blue slip)

  • Club information - club name, club leader & their contact details

  • Club or groups certificate of public liability insurance (This is proved with the venue insurance of the BAB - green slip)

To see how the Lancashire Aikikai fits with the BAB and Sport Uk - go to the "How we work" page.

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