Lancashire Aikikai - Our Structure

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Our set-up to run the Lancashire Aikikai Click to open full width / downloadable pdf (Document dated Feb 2022)


Lancashire Aikikai is a member of the national governing body, the British Aikido Board (BAB) and follow the governing body's policies and procedures.

Likewise Lancashire Aikikai clubs and their members must follow the policies and procedures set out by both bodies.

This section of the website "How we Work" deals with the Groups that are our operating structure, policies and procedures that we follow.

The management structure of the organisation is split into two sections, Technical and Administration.




Group: Aikido Management Board (Technical) [AMB]

Membership: The Principal; 4th and 5th Dan Grades of the Lancashire Aikikai; a volunteer 1st, 2nd, or 3rd LA Dan Grade and co-opted Chairs of the Grading Review Group (GRG) and Course Planning Group (CPG)

Role: As outlined in the Aikikai Constitution :

  • technical Aikido matters
  • responsibility for Dan Grade CPD
  • keep Dan Grades up to date with Aikido matters
  • form management groups considered necessary

Group: Executive Management Board (EMB) (Admin)

Membership: LA Dan Grade Club Leaders

Role: As outlined in the Aikikai Constitution :

  • Each Executive member shall have a responsibility to the Association to act in its best interests and represent their own Club members.
  • Will run the Aikikai in accordance with its stated aims and objectives, its policies and the members' mandates passed at meetings of Aikikai members.
  • An agenda will be issued in advance of a meeting.
  • Form a smaller Management Team of three Executive members for day to day matters.
  • If an emergency situation arises and it is considered/deemed in the best interest of the Aikikai, make a decision outside its normal operating powers.
  • Will make a proposal regarding membership fees to be set at the Annual General Meeting.

Group: Executive Management Team (Admin)

Membership: Three LA Dan Grade Club Leaders as elected / appointed by the Executive Management Board

Role: As outlined in the Aikikai Constitution :

  • Handle day to day adminstrative matters and routine business
  • Be the first point of contact for the Lancashire Aikikai
  • facilitate the decisions of the Executive Management Board
  • assist any voting process, as and when required

Group: Key Task holders & Sub Groups

Role: As outlined in the Aikikai Constitution :

  • Any significant tasks will be carried out by the Key Task holders or sub-groups, set up specifically for a particular task by the Executive Management Board or Aikido Management Board. Their role responsibility will be defined in a job description. Reporting as required.
  • The Treasurer and Secretary are essential Key Task holders. They need to be at least the grade of Shodan and have the required experience for the post.
  • The Executive Management Board would normally consult with Key Task holders, subgroups or working parties for their recommendations or views, when their specific areas of responsibility would be affected by an Executive Management Board's decision or recommendation; and similarly, the converse would apply with access rights to the Executive Management Board.

The Section "Who we are" in the navigation menu for Members expands on current appointments and Groups and Sub Groups