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The constitution deals with how that the Association is organised in a traditional hierarchal structure common to other martial arts & with the Principal as the Head of the Association.

Technical matters concerning Aikido and it’s teaching are the responsibility of Lancashire Aikikai's Aikido Management Board.

The Executive consists of Lancashire Aikikai Club Leaders.



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Group: Aikido Management Board (Technical) [AMB]

    This Group comprises:
  • Mr Spence (Principal as Chair)
  • 5th Dans: Andrew Baird, Graham Harrison, Mike Lloyd & Ian Cherry
  • 4th Dans: Sue Baird, Christine Shepherd, Dave Ratcliffe & Chris Wallace
  • Volunteer representative from the wider LA DG's (ie below 4th Dan)
  • Co-opted Chair of the Grading Review Group (GRG) and Course Planning Group (CPG) Noting: Chairs; Mr Spence and Graham are already AMB members

For more about the Aikido Management Board view "Our Structure" page under "How we work"

Group: Executive Management Board (EMB) (Admin)

Membership: LA Dan Grade Club Leaders - See the web page "Executive" on "Who we are" for more details.

For more about the Executive Management Board & Executive Managment Team read "Our Structure" page under "How we work".

Group: Course Review Group (Aikido / Admin)

Membership: GrahamH (Lead) {Bury)
                       ChristineS (Marple)
                       DaveR (St Helens)
                       JohnP (Chorlton)
                       DaveB (Trafford)


Course Planning Group (CPG) – Terms of Reference

Background: In 2018 a new Secretary was appointed to Lancashire Aikikai, and amongst other things proposed that a group be set up to review courses, instructors, encourage more people to be involved in the Association and to fix an eye firmly on the future. Initially, the group was to consist of Yudansha with a 5th Dan as Chair.

The group was convened and soon came up with a number of proposals which were then shared with our Principal, Mr Spence. These proposals form the basis of the Terms of Reference. They now need to be considered by the Management Group, and if accepted, can be fully implemented.

Aim: Create an environment where high quality, inspiring courses can be delivered and reviewed.


  • Set themes for courses
  • Consider proposals made to it
  • Design a programme of courses, in advance
  • identify and allocate instructors
  • Liaise with other appropriate LA groups
  • Review and evaluate course effectiveness


  • Needs of the membership of the Aikikai
  • Locations and venues
  • Scheduling and duration
  • Consistency and variety of teaching
  • Future-proofing
  • Refer to Treasurer when there are significant cost implications


  • Set up the CPG with a leader
  • Invite others of different grades, or expertise
  • Ensure all members of the group are kept fully up to date
  • Tell other groups what is happening, in good time – particularly the Media group
  • Ask members what they want


  • Record meetings, conversations, etc.
  • In addition to e-mail set up a Slack account as the main channel for communication
  • Report to other groups as necessary e.g. Management Group
  • Provide written reports where necessary e.g. At the AGM

Work Plan:

  • Sort imminent courses including Ribby
  • Ensure all members of the Group are on Slack
  • Sort courses for a reasonable period of time, say, 12 months
  • Keep records of courses, in terms of themes, instructors and anything else relevant
  • Start to review formally, and informally on-course and post-course
  • Contribute towards the 5 year development plan

Contact us by email;

Course review email

Group: Grading Review Group (Formerly Dan Grade Review Group)

Membership: Bob Spence (Lead) {Principal of Lancashire Aikikai}
                       AndrewB (Trafford)
                       GrahamH (Bury)

Purpose and Role: to support the grading process and standards within the Lancashire Aikikai. Particularly with those who are approaching 1st Kyu and higher by ensuring standards are met before any grading.

How will we do that: work with Club Leaders on standards. Observe their future grading candidates for 1st Kyu and higher to provide feedback on improvements needed prior to any grading.

Background to formal scope

Grades 6th Kyu to 2nd Kyu are usually graded in club by 2nd Dans or higher.

Gradings for 1st Kyu will be usually graded on a Lancashire Aikikai Course by a panel appointed for that purpose by this Group.

The Group Lead will advise the Lancashire Aikikai Hombu Officer once a candidate has shown they are at a suitable standard and ready to be put forward for a Dan Grading before our Technical Director. Our Technical Director in consultation with the Lancashire Aikikai Principal will appoint a panel to conduct a grading.

The intention is that Gradings can be watched by members to see what standards and proficiency they need to aim for.

Develop Dan Grades to grade through mentoring, moderation, pairing, panel experience and dealing with standards on HG courses as necessary.

Early identification: we are reliant on Club Leaders identifying 2nd Kyu's approaching 1st Kyu to so they can be observed on courses and may if appropriate be invited to Dan Grade and 1st Kyu courses. Club Leaders to also flag early to the Grading Group where a candidate is considering working towards a dan grading.

Group: Media Group

Media Group :- A collection of existing posts namely Website, Social Media covering Facebook, Twitter,and Instagram and the Newsletter Editor. Multi media, IT and Marketing support is included in this group.

The Lead for the Media group is John Brooke

Media Lead email

Members of the Media Group are:-

  • Media Marketing including poster design:    Caley Griffin
  • Social media (FB, Twitter and Instagram):   Irene Alvarez
  • Newsletter:   John Brooke
  • Website:   Andrew Baird

Newsletter & Website are duplicated in the list of Task holders

Group: Key Task Holders

Key Task Holders :- See the main webpage page "Task Holders" detailing individuals as opposed to this page dealing with "Groups".


Details of contacts at Clubs - see Club pages under "Where to find us".

For details of people approved to instruct.

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