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The Lancashire Aikikai, since its inception in 1967, has always been an organisation run on a voluntary basis by its members, for its members. No wages are paid.

The Principal of the Lancashire Aikikai is Bob Spence. He has been the Head of Association from 1998 and awarded his first black belt in 1971 by Chiba Sensei. He is widely known through the work he has done with the BAB. Read further about him





The management structure of the organisation is split into two sections, Technical and Administration.

The Aikikai day to day business is headed by the Executive Management Team assisted by various Key Task Holders.

Spence Sensei applying a technique



The Club's are headed by a club leader(s) detailed on the club's web pages on this site - access these here. Club Leaders form the Executive Management Board.

Groups have been formed to cover certain areas are listed here

Instructors who are permitted to take classes unsupervised are listed here.

Club Welfare Officers for each club are listed here.

Newsletter contacts in each club are listed here.


Spence Sensei

Follow the above links for email contact details of the people involved.