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Advice on 'financial support' and 'supporting clubs financially' has previously been published. However, the Grading Review Group and Executive feel that club support and how it is provided within the Association would benefit from a further note.

Sometimes support can be provided informally by Clubs which are geographically close and have long standing alliance/relationships. However, for clubs situated in remote locations, the provision of support is not as easy.

One of the advantages of being part of the Lancashire Aikikai is that support is available. Support can range from coaching issues and techniques, establishing grade standards, aikido matters, weapons work, running a club and improving high grades in small clubs.

All Lancashire Aikikai Dan Grades and Club Leaders, will (should) always respond positively with advice and help when approached by a Club Leader, be it answering a one-off issue or a more specific broader issue(s) and could also include mentoring/buddying. Club Leaders are therefore reminded they need to ask when support / help is needed.

Some support might not lend itself to just phone, video calling, video clips or meeting on courses etc., although they may play a part. Direct person-to-person contact may be also needed - or a club visit.

During recent unprecedented times, many Club Leaders and Instructors have developed skills in on-line delivery. These skills have developed beyond just video calling and could be utilised to provide mentoring and grading development/support. This could be a low cost and very effective way of providing support, in specific circumstances.

The Association encourages support for clubs where it is needed and funding is available to assist, where necessary.

If a Club decides that funding help is needed to help with a support provision, then a proposal should be made to the Treasurer. Such a proposal should include; a simple outline of the proposal, costs, benefits and why other methods of support are not suitable and in the case of technical matters that the person requested has the required skills and knowledge.

The Executive would consider such a proposal.

Chris Wallace

LA Secretary

4 Aug 20




Any further queries please contact the Secretary.

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