Lancashire Aikikai - Financial Support Page

The Aikikai ensures that support is given to those who encounter additional costs so they can coach and support also for clubs.

The ways this is done is detailed on the document called "Courses / Qualifications required when operating a club".

A summary is given below:-

Support is given to start up clubs and anyone wanting financial support to do this should contact the Aikikai Treasurer.

The Aikikai offer free CPD courses in the form of Dan Grade and 1st Kyu courses.

Support to those undertaking BAB Coaching courses or associated Units/Modules.

Support to those Coaches or prospective Coaches for First Aid qualifications - that are mandatory in the Lancashire Aikikai.

Regarding our obligations in Child Protection
- Full reimbursement of costs DBS Disclosure checks
- Support for Coaching Children courses for Coaches
- Full reimbursement for Club Welfare Officers and our Child Protection Officer to attend the mandatory Safeguarding Children course.

Travel expenses in certain circumstances.

Clubs in the Aikikai are expected pay half of the cost of Venue insurance required by the BAB for operating a club. The Aikikai pays the other half when processing venue insurance to the BAB.

Hombu membership fee / Yokohama membership fee are one offs - the Lancashire Aikikai subsidise at 50% and their first Kyu grade fee also at 50%

Support for Dan Grades to open a new club is available

The Treasurer will always consider help in other instances - get in touch.