Lancashire Aikikai - Support for opening a new club


The LA has always encouraged Dan Grades to start up new Aikido Clubs. New Clubs are necessary for the healthy development and progression of the Association.

In order to assist and actively support any LA Dan Grade to set up a new club, the Association will consider the following support.

Financial Assistance for a prospective new Aikido Club.
  • Start-up Grant up to £150
  • Loan up to £500

The loan would have no specific repayment terms. However, the Club should endeavour to pay back the loan, as and when it can.

If the Club buys capital items with the loan e.g. mats, and subsequently folds, the items so funded would revert to the LA.

Applications for financial support and assistance, with a new club start-up, should be made in writing to the Secretary. The prospective Club Leader should prepare a Business Case for the new club proposal.

This only needs to be a fairly 'lightweight' proposal, to demonstrate that the new Club is well thought out and viable. Items in the Plan should include detail on the following:-

  • Location
  • Venue
  • Timing
  • Mats
  • Club leader and any other Instructor details
  • Instructor back-up support for illness and holidays etc
  • Whether the Club intends to cater for children (under 18)



The Plan should also include a simple cash flow forecast

In addition to financial support the LA will provide support and advice through the LA Inward and Media Groups. As well as the above critical items, the Club Leader will need to consider publicity and club administration, data collation and recording etc.

Any further queries please contact the Secretary.

10th June 2019

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